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Night Scenes and Surfing Cinematography Go Well Together in Promotional Videos

31 March 2017
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The classic 1966 film Endless Summer presents a season of the year that never inconveniently ends. The loss of the summer months means no surfing, something the two protagonists of the documentary wanted to avoid. Fans of surfing were absolutely captivated by the cinematography that captured the brilliance of ocean waves and surfers navigating the environment. Much of Endless Summer's style is captured in online videos promoting surfing lessons. Those wishing to capture the attention of would-be students and surfing enthusiasts do need promotional videography that is compelling. Read More …

Spray Paint And Baseball: Design Ideas For A South Bronx Pizzeria

3 March 2017
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If you're purchasing an old pizzeria located in the South Bronx and are looking for design tips to make it more relevant to the neighborhood, then you're in the right frame of mind. In NYC, you will find a pizza shop on almost every other corner, so it's important that your place stand out. Of course the pizza is important, but so to is the look of the place. You can attract a lot of people with a good design. Read More …

Obtaining High-Quality Architectural Renderings For High-End Property Sales

17 January 2017
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If you are a new real estate agent trying to break into the high-end real estate market in Southern California, then it is important that your advertising graphics are always excellent quality.  This is especially important when you are selling property that is currently being renovated or unfinished new construction. Since property buyers often have a hard time imagining a new space that isn't finished, using architectural visualization products such as renderings and models provides the help they need to see a home's potential. Read More …