Night Scenes and Surfing Cinematography Go Well Together in Promotional Videos

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Night Scenes and Surfing Cinematography Go Well Together in Promotional Videos

31 March 2017
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The classic 1966 film Endless Summer presents a season of the year that never inconveniently ends. The loss of the summer months means no surfing, something the two protagonists of the documentary wanted to avoid. Fans of surfing were absolutely captivated by the cinematography that captured the brilliance of ocean waves and surfers navigating the environment. Much of Endless Summer's style is captured in online videos promoting surfing lessons. Those wishing to capture the attention of would-be students and surfing enthusiasts do need promotional videography that is compelling. One way to be compelling is to be original. Surfing cinematography that captures night scenes as well will yield this result.

Night Changes Things Up

The bright, shining sun creating a glare on the equally bright blue waters of the ocean positively captures attention. With the right approach to cinematography, the darkness enveloping an ocean could have a similarly visually dramatic effect. The dramatic effect may even be more impacting since the use of the night as a backdrop definitely is atypical for surfing videos. Those interested in using videos really do need to change things up a bit. 

Pitch Black Won't Work

Of course, seeing a surfer riding the waves in the middle of the night won't work. For one, an audience wouldn't exactly be able to see the surfer in a pitch black scenario. Total darkness is not exactly a safe environment in which to go surfing, either. Some light is necessary in order for the unique visual to have any real value. Perhaps filming a surfer as the sun rises or sets would be more valuable. The fading sun in the background would add a sense of artistry to the video and the blue-black lighting can highlight the action on the surf rather interestingly.

Use Sparingly for Effect

Truth be told: daytime and the shining sun reflecting off the blue waters of the ocean do look good on video. Night time shots may be best served being used as clips within a traditional video to shake things up. A bit of creative editing weaving a slight amount of night footage into a promotional video could lead to a brilliant effect.

Shooting scenes outside of daylight hours for a surfing video may seem a bit out of the ordinary. And that is what those in the surfing business probably would want in their advertising campaigns. For more information about surf cinematography, talk to professionals like Lieber Films.