Spray Paint And Baseball: Design Ideas For A South Bronx Pizzeria

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Spray Paint And Baseball: Design Ideas For A South Bronx Pizzeria

3 March 2017
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If you're purchasing an old pizzeria located in the South Bronx and are looking for design tips to make it more relevant to the neighborhood, then you're in the right frame of mind. In NYC, you will find a pizza shop on almost every other corner, so it's important that your place stand out. Of course the pizza is important, but so to is the look of the place. You can attract a lot of people with a good design. So, with that said, here are some ways to liven up the old place.

Sports Memorabilia On The Walls

You are in the South Bronx, so the obvious choice when it comes to sports memorabilia is anything Yankees related. If you're close enough to the stadium, you might even get spillover crowds from the game-day events, so it would be cool to be able to attract a sports crowd. Now, you don't have to go out and get super expensive signed posters, or game-winning balls. Some cool framed photos of the park or of some hometown heroes will be fine. In keeping with the Italian motif, since it is a pizza place, you can hang some old Joe Dimaggio posters, but you should also include some newer players, especially some Dominican players (such as Gary Sanchez), since the South Bronx is home to a huge Dominican population.

Get A Spray Paint Piece or Mural For The Outside

One really cool way to decorate the outside of the place is to get a "piece" spray painted on the exterior of the building by an artist like Pauly Gone. You see this all over the Bronx and Brooklyn. Local graffiti artists can do a mural incorporating pizza, the Yankees, old-time NYC, or anything else. The big bonus to getting a local artist to do it is that other graffiti artists are much less likely to tag up your place. There is respect for another graffiti artists' work, so you will not have the constant problem of repainting tags on the wall.

Mix Spray Paint Paintings With Old World Photos Inside

For the interior of the building, you should choose a mix of old world paintings (Rome, Sicily) and modern spray paint paintings that have a more urban feel. The old world paintings are great because people love an "authentic" pizzeria, so the paintings of Mt. Vesuvius or the leaning tower of Pisa will give the place a cool nostalgic look.

The modern, urban spray paint paintings are also great because they tie in your store to the current era. It's a visual cue that the store is hip and modern, without being too in your face about it (things like blasting hip-hop or reggaeton are not a good look for a pizza place).

You can choose from any modern, edgy spray paint design, or if you have a particular idea you like (such as a depiction of your store with Yankee stadium looming in the background) then you could commission it.