Obtaining High-Quality Architectural Renderings For High-End Property Sales

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Obtaining High-Quality Architectural Renderings For High-End Property Sales

17 January 2017
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If you are a new real estate agent trying to break into the high-end real estate market in Southern California, then it is important that your advertising graphics are always excellent quality.  This is especially important when you are selling property that is currently being renovated or unfinished new construction. Since property buyers often have a hard time imagining a new space that isn't finished, using architectural visualization products such as renderings and models provides the help they need to see a home's potential. These visual aids will bring you more sales, so obtaining quality renderings is a must.

When you obtain architectural renderings for your sales properties, make sure they have each of the following important aspects:

Architectural Renderings Should Always Include a Focal Point for Your Eye

Each architectural rendering you receive for the property you are selling should have an obvious focal point when you first glance at them. If you look at an image and your eye doesn't immediately lock on one aspect, then the rendering needs to be redone. For example, if you are selling a house on the beach, then the focal point of each photo should include something related to the beach to remind buyers they are viewing a beachfront home.

Architectural Renderings Should Not Include Too Many Colors

Quality renderings will have drawings that do not include too many colors. While one main color with an accent is necessary, drawings with too many colors are distracting to buyers. If you look at a drawing and the color scheme jumps out at you, then there is probably too much color in the drawing.

Architectural Renderings Should Always Include Natural Elements

If you are ordering architectural renderings for a new home in the coastal hills, then it is vital that the drawings include all of the existing vegetation. Since most property in the hills is located in areas where trees and vegetation are well established, it is important that your sales drawings include the greenery.

Tip: Architectural Renderings Should Never Use Wide-Angle Views 

Finally, the architectural drawings for each of your properties should never use a wide-angle view. The human eye is trained to see a limited portion of a home at one time. When you show a wide-angle view, it is visually confusing for your buyers. Their eyes are forced to scan the images, and this cuts down on their ability to visualize the space. 

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