Fun Ways To Entertain Guests At Your Business's Next Charity Event

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Fun Ways To Entertain Guests At Your Business's Next Charity Event

28 December 2016
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Raising money for charity is a great way to promote your business positively, and throwing events to create community awareness about your charitable desires keeps people coming back year after year. You want to entertain your guests as your charity pulls at their emotions so you can give them many reasons to attend your function. Here are ways you can do that.

Digital caricatures 

Hire a digital caricature artist to provide on-the-spot, digital pints in exaggerated designs for each of your guests who wants one. These prints are custom portraits of participating individuals drawn on a comical scale to be larger than life when completed. Drawn on a device and projected onto a large screen for audience viewing, your guests can get in a few laughs and have a keepsake to give them fun memories of your event at the same time.

You can have guests pay a small donation to get their caricatures done to raise even more money for your event. You can also have purchased caricatures entered into a raffle drawing for a fun chance to win a prize for attending.

Celebrity impersonators

You know having an Elvis impersonator at your charity event would quickly draw attention from the crowds and liven up any charity event. Celebrity impersonators are engaging, entertaining individuals who want to make people brighten up and have a good time. They are particularly beneficial at a charitable event. You can get a variety of celeb impersonators to work the floor for you or hold your own contest to see who can do Britney Spears best to really get your audience involved.

Face painting

If you are hosting a charity event for children or families, then bring in a face painting booth. This classic form of entertainment is a big crowd pleaser at fairs and birthday parties and fits right in to your function as well. Kids and adults alike can adorn their cheeks with flowers and rainbows while raising community awareness of hunger, abuse, and poverty in your area and how they can prevent it.

Raising money for charity is an excellent way for your business to give back to the very people who make you successful. If you like to host charity events then make them more positive and engaging by offering activities and novelties that are fun for people to enjoy. This makes your event something people look forward to attending, which can help you raise even more money and awareness for your cause.

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